COVID-19 School Closures:'s Response

With the recent news of the closure of schools until the 29th of March due to COVID-19, we at (formerly ) are giving premium memberships to all students for one month*, for free. Students and parents will be anxious that they are not in school and don’t have access to teachers and key study resources. 

To avail of this, all you need to do is register with and use the code 
STUDYCENTRE or STUDYHELP (how do I apply my code?)

This will give you unlimited access for free for one month. You can unsubscribe before one month has passed if you do not wish to keep your membership. 

In addition to this, Tom Nolan,’s lead Maths contributor and one of
Ireland’s leading Maths teachers will be providing free live online classes during the duration of the COVID-19 lockdown. has been helping students, parents and teachers for over 10 years and we have worked hard to become Ireland’s largest and most trusted online education resource. We have had over 800,000 students use and avail of our services since 2008
which has helped them achieve their academic aspirations and progress on to further education. 

We want to ensure the health and wellbeing of our students is not negatively impacted by COVID 19. 

We at offer a subscription service for students, parents and teachers
where we have over 30,000 resources across all the main subjects at Junior and
Leaving Certificate levels, the subscription is €7.99 among for all access across all subjects. 

We are here to Help. 

For more information about the upcoming Maths tutorials, please check, our social media accounts on Twitter or Facebook, or look out for our ads for more information on how you can partake in these!

How do I apply my code?

1) Sign up to or log into your existing account

2) Add a monthly membership to your cart by visiting here 

3) At the bottom of your checkout, tap or click on "Have a code?"

4) Put your code STUDYCENTRE or STUDYHELP in the coupon code box

5) Complete your payment card details. Our system requires this to process coupons - YOU WILL NOT BE CHARGED. 

6) Ensure that you have typed the code STUDYCENTRE or STUDYHELP in the coupon box & press on the subscribe button.

Your account has now been upgraded to a Premium account and you can use all resources without charge for one month*.

* This is an automatically renewing membership. You will not be charged for ONE MONTH - if you choose to keep your membership after the billing period has passed, you will be charged €7.99 per month until you cancel your membership. You can cancel your membership at any time once 14-days have passed since the date you upgraded. Please ensure you have cancelled your membership if you no longer require it.